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Le temps de l'aventure

Genres: Romance, Drama

Countries: France, Belgium, Ireland

Released: 2013

Le temps de l'aventure

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Le temps de l'aventure

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Alix and Doug were not supposed to meet, but they did. Alix was on a train bound for Paris where she was going to audition for a film, having just left Calais where she had performed in an Ibsen play. Doug, a literature professor, had left England for Paris, where he was to attend the funeral of a dear friend. They were not supposed to meet and yet they did. They did because Alix, whose relationship with her boyfriend was at a crossroads, fancied this handsome serious-looking gentleman on the Paris-bound train. They did because Doug, although not in the mood for love, quickly fell for her. They were not supposed to meet but their brief encounter would prove to be overwhelming.

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Martha MacIsaac


Geraldine Somerville

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