Episode The Car

Season 2, episode 15 of This Is Us

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The Car

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Countries: USA

Released: 2018

The Car

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Key moments in the Pearsons' lives associated with their vehicle, a Jeep Grand Wagoneer, are presented from the time of the vehicle purchase when the kids were ten to the end of the day of Jack's memorial service. This specific vehicle, new at the time, was an unexpected purchase in that outwardly it was more expensive than they could afford compared to a used vehicle they were expecting to buy, with the argument Jack using to get the salesman, Mel Buchanan, to give them a good, affordable deal framing the events to come. The funeral itself had an unexpected attendee, an old friend, who could shed some light to Rebecca on Jack as husband and father, those words which would lead to Rebecca deciding to keep to Jack's wishes on how to end the day. The events in-between the purchase and the funeral include: Jack and Rebecca heading somewhere quiet to await news of some medical tests, a bad result which would be devastating for the family; a few of the several times they crossed a bridge ...

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