Episode The Reclusive Potential

Season 11, episode 20 of The Big Bang Theory

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The Reclusive Potential

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Countries: USA

Released: 2018

The Reclusive Potential

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The Reclusive Potential

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The guys and the girls are having their own individual gatherings this weekend. Penny is organizing Amy's bachelorette party. Amy is expecting it to be a wild and crazy time both because it is a bachelorette party and because Penny, the party animal of the group, is organizing it. What ends up happening is Amy's dream crazy time, at least in her own belief. Meanwhile, Sheldon is spending the weekend with topologist Dr. Robert Wolcott in his remote cabin. Despite being brilliant or because of it, Dr. Wolcott was thought to have gone crazy leading to his paranoid attitude in living off the grid. Sheldon and Dr. Wolcott have been corresponding, with Sheldon believing that Dr. Wolcott may have some insight into his work in string theory. Because of Dr. Wolcott's reputation, the girls want the guys to stay with Sheldon for the weekend just in case Dr. Wolcott does end up being not just crazy but psychotic. What Leonard, Howard and Raj find is that Dr. Wolcott is indeed a bit off-kilter, ...

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